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  Reno Family Law Attorney

650 South Rock Boulevard, Suite 21-A

Reno, Nevada 89502

Telephone: 775-677-7777

Facsimile: 775-786-3388

FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS: We offer flexible payment plans to allow you to get the quality legal representation you need now! 

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Family Law

Family Law issues are never easy.  The Law Office Cliff Young wants to do whatever possible to help get you through this most difficult time.    A divorce or child custody case is one of life's bigger moments.  It affects your health, your finances and emotional well-being.  It's important to have an attorney with experience in the trenches, dealing with the court rules and  how judges balance  equitable legal issues.  

                                                   Cliff Young has been an attorney in Reno since 1983.  Other than his first two                                                        years, when he served as a prosecutor, Cliff has been focused on family                                                                    law.  He has helped over 1,000 families through the process of splitting up.

                                                   It's never good to have to see a divorce attorney, but if you do, the Law Office

                                                   of Cliff Young will make it as painless and affordable as possible. 





Bankruptcy is a viable option that can help you get a fresh start!  A bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure, wage garnishments, levies and other actions to collect on a debt.  Call us today, 775.677.7777. and let the Law Office of Cliff Young  help you! 


Cliff J. Young

Attorney At Law


Criminal Defense

Whether it is a DUI, traffic ticket, domestic battery or other criminal matter, the Law Office of Cliff Young is ready to defend you and protect your rights!  Call 775-677-7777 today!


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Attorney Cliff J. Young

Ready to provide you with quality legal services at an affordable price!  Call our office for all your family law and domestic relations needs.       775.677.7777.  


The end of a marriage is always hard.  Lawyer Cliff Young would like the opportunity to stand by your side and support you through it, by providing quality legal representation at affordable rates.  Mr. Young understands that too often, the high cost of an attorney keeps people from seeking out the legal help they really need.  Therefore, the Law Office of Cliff Young and A-Affordable Legal Clinic have set up flexibile payment plans to make sure that much needed legal help is available to everyone.  Call us today.


Bankruptcy is still a viable option.  Do not let creditors fool you into believing that liquidation bankruptcy is no longer available.  Numerous consumers have taken advantage of the "fresh start" offered by U.S. Bankruptcy laws.  If you are losing sleep over your finances, experiencing difficulty in keeping up with your bills, facing foreclosure on your home, and/or just can't taking it anymore, then maybe bankruptcy is the answer.  But how will you know?  You won't until you get some answers.  Give our office a call today and let Attorney Cliff Young help you determine if bankruptcy is for you. 

Criminal Defense

Did you recently receive a traffic citation or DUI?  Have you been arreseted?  Then you need to contact the Law Office of Cliff Young and A-Affordable Legal Clinic to assist you in protecting and defending your rights.  Do not plead guilty.  You may attempt attempt to negotiate with the Assistant District Attorney assigned to your case, but he or she doesn't have your best interest in mind.  Lawyer Cliff Young does, and he wants the opportunity to help make sure your rights are protected.  Call our office today.

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